Fitness Apps to Improve Well-Being

February 20, 2022 0

One might think that technology makes people lazy, but in actuality, there are many apps that can help promote health, fitness and well-being. When people download fitness apps, some might […]

Tips for Staying Healthy in 2022

January 30, 2022 0

Staying healthy is a great way to use one’s time effectively. It has been proven to help someone succeed at work or school and improve their focus and mood. Though, […]

Epilepsy: A Brother’s Perspective

November 21, 2021 0

“Sometime in the morning a couple of years ago,” Connor Roane began. “My dad came out and found [my brother] … seizing on the laundry room floor. It lasted for […]

Epilepsy: Leah’s Story

November 14, 2021 0

In July 2019, everything changed for seven-year-old Leah Ehrenstrom. The Ehrenstrom family was on a flight from Rome to London. The plan was to get to London and board a […]

Epilepsy: My Story

November 7, 2021 0

Epilepsy, otherwise known as seizure disorder, is a disorder in which nerve cells are disturbed in the brain, causing seizures. Approximately one in 26 people within the United States will […]

Watchdog Wellness: Setting up a Planner

October 12, 2020 0

Online learning can be hard for everyone, but it can be even harder if someone isn’t organized. A planner can help with organization, but it’s often overwhelming to start one. […]

Watchdog Workouts: leg day

June 7, 2020 0

For this installment of Watchdog Workouts, you will be hitting the infamous leg-day. It’s self-explanatory. Now, over the course of this workout you will perform exercises for your lumbar, erector […]

How to stay active during pandemic season

April 19, 2020 0

If you’ve been living under a rock, stay there! Washington State has administered social-distancing protections in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. Staying indoors is not only a preventative […]

Easy at-home fitness

April 12, 2020 0

As COVID-19 has led to gym closures and most of us being stuck inside, many are faced with new challenges regarding physical health and fitness. The combination of stress, uncertainty […]

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