Bellevue College Opens Applications for Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Health Promotion and Education Program

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For individuals looking to take part in programs that are dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities, consider applying to Bellevue College’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Health Promotion and Education program. Previously called the Health & Wellness BAS program, a BC FYI disclosed that the application for the Fall 2023 cycle is now open.

According to the program’s dedicated website, “The curriculum will help you identify barriers to wellness, identify possible interventions, and help people work towards a life they enjoy more easily! You will learn how research works its magic in both science AND practice with an eye on applying those findings right away.” 

The program’s focus is “promoting health and wellness through a social justice and culturally responsive lens.” Their goals center around medical equality, community support and developing “culturally responsive health & wellness programs and services.” Projects made by former students “for a few of our Health Promotions courses” consist of the Center for Positive Sexuality Education, Skyway Garden Ed Day and HIV Vaccine Outreach Training.

The application, located on CommonApp, closes on July 30, with classes beginning in September. There are currently no scheduled information sessions, but you may sign up to be contacted when one is added.

Please direct your questions to or use the contact page on their website.