Human Development Courses from BC’s Counseling Center

Photo by devn from Unsplash.

The Counseling Center at BC offers various resources and mental health support to every BC student who might be facing difficulties such as stress and anxiety, trauma, emotional unbalance, low self-esteem, and other personal challenges. Alongside personal one-on-one counseling, career counseling, and educational counseling, the Counseling Center offers different human development courses that can help students overcome some of these difficulties in a more classroom-like setting.

Understanding our emotions and challenges can look different for everyone, so the Watchdog wants to give you an overview of what these courses are offering, and what to do if you would like to take any of them. Remember that our mind and body are two of the most important elements to succeed in any area of our lives, and taking care of them can make a significant impact on the way we feel and perform. 

Some of the classes offered by the Counseling Center are:

If you’re interested in taking any of these classes, visit the Counseling Center website, or contact for more information. To add these classes to your schedule next quarter, go to the class search on your ctcLink account and click on the “Subject” pull-down menu, select “Human Development” and click “Search.”

One-on-one counseling is available at no charge for every BC student. To make an appointment with a counselor, fill out the Schedule an Appointment form.