Managing a Stressful School Life

Sean Wu // The Watchdog

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, a Bellevue College counselor was in the library talking students through different ways they could manage stress and giving examples of different activities they could do.

I dropped in after class and talked with Kattie Dang, a BC counselor, about some of the ways I could manage stress. There were activities set up like journaling, puzzles, coloring and making bracelets that can be helpful for managing stress. Dang told me that journaling is a good way to reflect on what’s been going on in our thoughts, emotions and lives and how it impacts us. Mindful coloring and beading or bracelet-making can give you the chance to focus on the present and create something. She also talked about the benefits of trying out a lamp that produces light similar to sun rays, especially with the weather that we’ve been having and probably will be having for the foreseeable future. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects many people in the Pacific Northwest, especially in our area, because of the lack of light in the colder months. There were also some suggested books about meditation, mindfulness and similar topics available for checkout from the Bellevue College library.

It’s important to manage your stress levels so that you don’t experience burnout, especially around midterms with the added anxiety of exams. The BC counselors are available for appointments through the Counseling Center for online and in-person appointments. They offer personal counseling for issues including but not limited to anxiety, stress, abuse and self-esteem. They also have career counseling, educational counseling, group counseling and mental-health-related support levels.