Wellness Certificate Programs Available at Bellevue College

Bellevue College // The Watchdog.

As we get closer to the summer and more physical activities start taking place outdoors, The Watchdog put together a list of fun and educational certificates that Bellevue College (BC) offers to prospective students interested in careers related to physical education and wellness.

The Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute teaches a variety of programs including three wellness certificates:

Personal Fitness Trainer – Certificate of Completion

The Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate is a 19-credit program that prepares students to enter the workforce. Some of the job opportunities that students have after completion of this program include becoming a physical education instructor or wellness coach in commercial fitness clubs, personal training studios, community centers, wellness centers, corporate health centers, and college recreation centers.

Alongside preparing students for the workforce, this certificate guides students to pursue a two or four-year degree in recreation, health, sports medicine, exercise science, or PE teacher certifications.

The Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate is suitable for prospective students who are interested in promoting any type of physical activity, interested in completing the Health and Wellness, BAS degree at BC, or looking to enroll in a Washington state kinesiology program. 

The coursework for this certificate includes: 

  • HLTH 224 – Wellness Coaching
  • HLTH 262 – First Aid and Safety for Fitness Trainers
  • PE 211 – Fitness Assessment
  • PE 212 – Athletic Fitness
  • PE 228 – Life Fitness Internship
  • PE 236 – Anatomical Kinesiology
  • PE 267 – Applied Kinesiology

This certificate has a priority application deadline of June 1 to start in fall quarter. 

Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate

The Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate is a 19-credit program that prepares students for different outdoor recreational and educational opportunities.

Students who enroll in this program will be able to learn about outdoor recreation in not just the classroom, but also during field trips to learning environments like forests, waterways and the different mountains of the PNW Cascades.

Some of the outdoor activities that students can lead after the completion of this certificate are sea kayaking, rock climbing, fly fishing, mountain bike touring, backpacking and snowshoeing. 

The coursework for the Outdoor Recreation Leadership Certificate includes:

  • HLTH 145 – Wellness for Healthcare
  • HLTH 224 – Wellness Coaching
  • HLTH 260 – Wilderness First Aid Basics
  • PE 114 – Beginning Rock Climbing
  • PE 115 – Hiking and Orienteering
  • PE 116 – Snowshoeing
  • PE 128 – Sea Kayaking and Navigation
  • PE 239 – Outdoor Leadership
  • RECED 260 – Northwest Fitness Exploration

This certificate is open enrollment. Students can enroll anytime and start in the fall.

Yoga Instructor Certificate of Completion

The Yoga Instructor Certificate at Bellevue College is a 13-credit program that meets the requirements for the National Yoga Alliance 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Students who complete this certificate also meet the requirements to teach yoga in the health industry. The certificate is intended to provide students with a strong understanding of anatomical kinesiology and the science of yoga instruction.

The Yoga Instructor Certificate includes the following classes:

  • HLTH 224 – Wellness Coaching
  • PE 148 – Yoga Instructor Techniques I
  • PE 149 – Yoga Instructor Techniques II
  • PE 236 – Anatomical Kinesiology
  • PE 280 – Yoga Instruction Practicum

There is a priority application deadline of June 1 to enroll in these certificates for fall quarter. For more information regarding these classes and other certificates from the Health Sciences, Education and Wellness Institute, contact hsewi@bellevuecollege.edu.