Choosing the Right Type of Workout Clothes

Photo by Mnz from Unsplash.

Exercise is an important part of day-to-day life, but if you don’t have certain types of clothes, it can be a real struggle. People should wear different fitness clothes depending on which type of workout they’re doing, or to dress for the weather.

If you’re going for any type of workout, indoors or outside, closed-toed sneakers with padded soles are the right way to go. Make sure the soles are about an inch thick, with a moderate amount of shock absorbency for high-endurance activities. Nike is a brand that has a variety of options to choose from, narrowing down the shoe type for each sport. Wearing socks is always a smart option when doing any sort of cardio, because they help absorb sweat and won’t make your shoes smell.

Consequently, if one doesn’t wear shoes with thick padded soles, they could be at risk for shin splints, or even stress fractures. It’s also not very comfortable in the long-term to wear ill-fitting or thin-soled shoes.

The rest of workout wear consists of clothes. Wearing tight-fitting clothes, like a tank top or leggings can be a good option for some, but wearing a loose t-shirt or shorts is fine too. You should feel comfortable exercising in whichever type of clothing you choose. If something is uncomfortable or gets in the way of your workout, it’s a sign to select different workout wear. Accessorizing with a watch or fitness tracker can be beneficial too.

When outside, you should dress for the weather. If it will be cold out, using layers, like a coat or sweatshirt, will be easy to remove if you get too hot. When it’s warm out, carrying a light jacket with you in case the weather turns sour is never a bad idea.

As a glasses wearer myself, I find that glasses can be uncomfortable to wear while running or dancing. However, with the use of contact lenses, I can enjoy sports for longer periods of time. Swimming is one of the most common sports in which athletes get contacts, and it improved my performance altogether. The FDA advises people to remove their contacts if swimming without goggles, but they are fine to wear with goggles as a protective cover.

Last but not least, having a water bottle nearby during workouts tops one’s exercise wear. If you will be going somewhere that doesn’t have a place to fill it back up, try bringing a bigger water bottle. A water bottle brand I would recommend is Hydro Flask, which makes stainless steel, durable bottles that one can customize with colors, cap types, and stickers. They also have a rounded hook, in which you can clip it onto a backpack so you can bring it on the go. Exercise should be a beneficial part of someone’s life. It can make someone happier, more focused, and more optimistic. That’s why wearing the right clothes during workouts can be the change one might need to lead a fit and happy lifestyle. For exercise ideas, check out Bellevue College’s free fitness classes for students.