College Cooking: No-bake Chocolate Pie

February 5, 2023 0

Baking desserts can be a challenge for college students, especially since using an oven isn’t always an option. But with this no-oven recipe for a creamy and rich chocolate pie, […]

College Cooking: Cinnamon Rolls

January 9, 2022 0

The smell of cinnamon, sugar, and flaky bread baked with butter makes any mouth salivate. These cinnamon rolls take three hours to make, but they are filled with homemade mouthwatering […]

College Cooking: Christmas Cookies

December 5, 2021 0

It is finally December which means that Christmas is almost here! To start off the Christmas season right, we give you the classic holiday cookie recipe. These shortbread cut-out cookies […]

College Cooking: Taco Soup

November 21, 2021 0

Everyone loves tacos, so why not make tacos into a warm soup? That’s exactly what we did using a recipe inspired by Pampered Chef. Soup Ingredients Oil: 3 tablespoons of […]

College Cooking: Chocolate Lava Cake

October 24, 2021 0

A dense fudgy flavor with the perfect ratio of liquid chocolate to spongy cake, chocolate lava cake is a half-baked cake with a runny center. Despite that, it is perfectly […]

College Cooking: Chicken Vegetable Soup

October 17, 2021 0

Chicken vegetable soup is a classic warm winter soup that’s excellent in any season, whether you want to prepare for the winter with soups ready-to-go in the freezer or the […]

College Cooking: Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

October 10, 2021 0

It’s finally October. Everyone knows it’s officially time for pumpkin everything! To start off the season right, we have a blend of pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon to fill that […]

College Cooking: Avocado Salad

July 19, 2021 0

Avocados are a heartfelt and simply delicious superfood. They are full of vitamin C and vitamin E as well as omega-3, magnesium and potassium. Avocados can help with weight loss […]

College Cooking: Deviled Eggs

January 16, 2021 0

This is a classic deviled egg recipe I’ve been making for years. At parties, they are nearly always the first to disappear. Although we cannot have parties anytime soon, they […]

Crash Course Cooking: Knife Skills

November 14, 2020 0

Knives 101: Always make sure your knives are sharp. The sharper the better. You are more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife then with a sharp one. Sharp […]

College Cooking: Stew

November 2, 2020 0

It’s that time of year again, where everything gets colder and winter is right around the corner. One of my favorite foods to eat during this time is a rich […]

College Cooking: Spiced Apple Cake

October 25, 2020 0

In my family, apple spice cakes are a staple during the fall and holiday seasons. They always invoke that warm, loving feeling created by the holidays…not to mention they make […]